Frequently Asked Questions:

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How should we prepare the house for the shoot?

I will be shooting the house “as-is” when I arrive so everything needs to be "shoot-ready".  There is a Pre-shoot Checklist under the “Info” tab on my website for a detailed checklist.  Short of having your house thoroughly cleaned and professionally staged, have as much clutter and personal belongings stored or hidden.  Also remember that sometimes too much furniture in a room can make the room look smaller.  In some cases it might be worth it to rent offsite storage while your house is on the market.


How long will my shoot last?

Normally all shoots are completed in one to two hours.  Turnaround time is usually 24 hours.


Is it ok for the sellers to be home while the photos are taken?

Your sellers may be home during the appointment, but it is best to have pets and children either offsite or in their rooms during the shoot.  MLS rules prohibit people or pets to be in the photos as well.


Does someone need to be home for the appointment?

Typically, I meet the Listing Agent at the house.  They can help insure the house is looking “camera ready” when I arrive and they can also point out any features they want included in the shot list.


Do you take photos inside of closets?

I do not normally photograph the inside of closets but if it is a large walk-in closet that would add value to the house then let me know to include it.


Is it ok if the home is completely empty?

You should consider having your home staged when it is vacant, it really adds value to the selling price of a house.  I can still produce great photos of a home that is completely empty.


What is the best time of day for photos?

Mid-morning to mid-afternoon is the best light especially for interiors.


Can you shoot the home at sunset?

Yes.  Twilight exterior photos are available for an additional charge.  It costs more because it is a separate appointment time and a separate trip to the property, it also requires more elaborate editing.  Go to “Terms and Pricing” found under the “Info” tab on my website for pricing details.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule the appointment?

Please contact me at least 48 hours in advance otherwise there is a $50 cancellation charge. 


What if it rains?

I am still able to take photos of the interior of the home, but exteriors will obviously be difficult unless it’s just light rain.  It’s something we might have to work together on to possibly reschedule.


How will I receive my photos?

They will be delivered digitally to you through  You will receive two sets of photos, one sized for uploading to the MLS and a second Hi-Resolution set for high quality printing and for use on the Web. 


How do I pay you? 

I prefer payment at the time of the shoot by way of credit card. If you are unable to pay at the shoot for whatever reason, an invoice with payment instructions using PayPal will be sent to your email address shortly after I return to my office.  Your photos will be available for download when your payment has been received.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

Kurt Hoffman  (916) 539-4877    [email protected]