Kurt Hoffman Real Estate Photography based in Sacramento, California.


Born and raised in Sacramento I currently live in North Natomas.   After working for a large corporation for over 30 years I took an early retirement and decided to partner with my wife who was already a Realtor.  I started taking pictures of the properties she was listing and found that Real Estate Photography would be a great second career for me.


Photography has always been a passion of mine.  About 25 years ago I bought my first 35mm camera and combined it with my love of hiking and backpacking in the Sierra Mountains.  Back then it was roll film and hours in the darkroom using lots of chemicals to develop and turn out just a few prints. Now I love the new digital cameras and photo editing software that can transform dull pictures into stunning images.


As a Real Estate Photographer, I use Professional Cameras, Lenses and Lighting combined with Photoshop post-processing to create beautiful, natural-looking images for my clients.  Home buyers today are looking on-line first to find their homes.  Your listing pictures should stand out from the others and create buyer interest.  Home sellers today want their homes to be marketed with the highest quality photos that show the best features of their homes.  You as a Real Estate Agent, are in competition for new clients that are looking at how professionally you market your listings.


I will do everything I can to provide you with the highest quality images and customer service.  If you would like to contact me with questions or to book a shoot…

Please call: (916) 539-4877 or email: [email protected]